It’s Sunday! It’s a brand new week coming up and, this is the week you promised you’d do everything you can to get those sales.

You’ve made a fancy list. Dusted off the diary (yep, that’s how serious you are!) And the intentions are set. Kids are in school for 6 hours a day so that’s 30 hours a week where you can dedicate your time, right?


Monday comes and you’ll get started after you’ve taken the kids to school. Ok, after you’ve cleaned up the breakfast things. Wait, there’s washing to go in the machine and while you’re upstairs you might as well give the kids room a quick tidy. Oh I know, to save time tonight I’ll prep the dinner now. Holy crap its lunch time already the dishwasher still needs emptying.


Sound familiar my dear Parentpreneur?

You have the intentions to ‘smash’ the week. But, your priorities or attention are being counterproductive and you aren’t ‘on plan’. By Wednesday you haven’t finished the Monday list and you write off the whole thing for now.

Where should your priorities be and how can you stay consistent and goal driven all week?


I don’t know about you, but I hate that feeling of disappointment in myself. There isn’t anyone to blame but ourselves when the necessary work wasn’t done.


1. First, be honest with yourself. What are you considering a priority that isn’t one? Is the world going to have a zombie apocalypse if you don’t make the teens bed? Can everyone survive with the current amount of clean pants in their drawers, so the laundry can wait? Are you procrastinating on the off chance that you don’t hit your goal?

2. Break down the weeks business goals into bite-sized chunks of achievable daily goals. Plan ahead and break down the weekly household chores into day by day jobs. There are plenty of age-appropriate chores for kids that can take a lot of pressure off of you. I prefer the term life skills over chores if I’m honest. I found this handy blog via Focus on The Family which has a list of life skills and some awesome handy downloads.

3. Time block those chunks and don’t feel like it needs to be an hour at a time. If you find that you need to stretch your legs or refuel the caffeine o meter every 30 minutes then do it! I’m sure my kettle never gets a chance to be cold in the hours I’m awake! Time blocking works so well for me because I have the attention span of a… Ok, I’m back, what was I saying?

4. Make those daily chunks achievable so you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment. Review each day and track how you did. Did it work well? Could that be a great daily habit that doesn’t get in the way of anything? Does it need tweaking? Are you on track?

5. If you have a bad day don’t write off the week. It’s one day. Work out what you need to do the next day as a priority to get back on track.

6. Give yourself a midweek treat or an end of week treat for staying on target. Even if you did everything for that goal and you didn’t quite get the sales. That simply means that you have things to review and tweak but you still achieved what you set out to do work wise. Go on, you deserve it!

It can be hard balancing life and business when you work from home but there are options to make it easier.

Remember, this is your business, your passion and your baby. You have hopes, dreams and desires that should come from the work you put in. Giving up on Wednesday and choosing to do things in the home that others are quite capable of doing won’t get you any closer.

If it’s the thought of having to sit for hours that means you’re on the procrastination train I’ve got news! You’re the boss, you set your boundaries so, if you want to stretch your legs and do the dusting for a five-minute break… fill your boots!

Don’t be afraid to turn off the notifications on your phone. One social media notification checked could land you in the scroll hole. That’s an easy way to lose 20 minutes a time.

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