To quote the powerful poets of the 20th Century:

“I can’t answer, I can’t answer that”

~ Bros

I can’t answer because it’s down to say many different factors.

1. It takes time. How long is a piece of string?

2. Have you got the desire to be consistent everyday for a minimum of 1,100 days?

3. Are you being an individual and creative or are you throwing out the ‘Be unique’ positive updates and not really walking the walk yourself? If you aren’t then follow these four tips.

4. How much effort are you putting in or are you blindly following a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) handed to you by some upline that doesn’t really follow any lines of real money-making activity. Instead its about quotes, messaging and pictures x amount of times a day and your profile being your shop window.

I don’t understand the huge fuss about all the need to have massive engagement on your Facebook either.

“Well Dannii, it’s to see how many people I’m in front of.”

Really… Seriously? Let me give you one little tip that will make you realise that you could change your wording and change your business.

“I want to see WHO is seeing me, so I can see how I can impact them.”

You see, its never about how many are seeing you and what you have. In business its always about how you can help the audience, what’s in it for them, how will your product benefit them. It’s not about selling the benefits of the product, its knowing if the benefits are something they even want and then matching them up if it fits.

There’s this fame seeking going on with how many comments and likes you can get. Or how many big names can I connect to and name drop at whatever opportunity.

That’s great but everyone saying morning to each other isn’t really leaving an impact or even finding out if they would be a good fit for your product, service or opportunity.

Everyone having a conversation on your posts because you’ve talked about why the quote you used stands out to you gives you a lot more insight into the people who comment and share it.

To be ahead in business takes a lot more than a google images download and a morning. Think of all the thousands of people appearing on a timeline doing that… what makes yours any different?

I’m going to point you in the direction of Romina, she’s becoming a phenomenal leader in branding and her posts stand out miles apart from any other ones. Here’s her page, get following!

I honestly don’t care if I only have 5 people interact, as long as we INTERACT. Don’t just say morning and move on, please don’t use me so you can put products that I don’t want in front of me, or opportunities I don’t want to join. Instead give me hacks and tips that you’ve sought out yourself that will be much more fun to stop scrolling and read.

Stop the fame game, the numbers don’t matter. If you motivate, inspire or empower one person that’s all that matters, they’ll be the person that spreads the word about what you offer.

The question should never be “How can I get more people?” it should be “How can I impact people today?”

You need to impact, make it more about the audience and you need to look at your post and ask if what you’ve made is going to make people stop scrolling and look at what you’ve put.

Become known for what you put out there for people. Valuable things that make them think about changes they need to make with life, business, diet etc.

If you and I put a post out at the same time for someone to join our business who do you think they may be more inclined to go to.

Person A – talks about money, holidays etc with emojis. Posts constantly at random times with no clear path of where they want things to go.

Person B – Clear understanding of how to pull in leads, clear on how to work a business and would therefore be able to offer the right support because they’ve built a trusting relationship through other shared value that I’ve put on platforms and written more than “morning” on their posts.

Something to think about!

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