Are you sat there thinking “This year has flown by and I didn’t do all the things I promised myself that I would get done?”

I’ve done that every year until the end of 2017. As Christmas passed and we were looking into 2018 starting, I made the decision that things had to change. I didn’t want another year to go by where I’ve achieved the square root of naff all.

I kept that promise to myself. It wasn’t necessarily about coming out of comfort zones it was about knowing what I wanted to achieve in the year personally and financially then taking the steps to get there. 2018 has been a phenomenal year for me, it’s not been easy going though. I was most definitely tested on many occasions, but the important thing was my overall goal and why I started was too rock solid in my mind to let these things really phase me enough to quit.

The hardest part for anyone though isn’t to make the decision to take control back, the challenge is in the doing and starting the climb out of the rut and moving forward.

Last night I did a joint video with Rebecca Adams, she has 15 years’ experience in business and masters in mindset. We spoke about things you could do to help you take control in 2019.

If you enjoyed the guidance and have any questions you can contact her via her page here.

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