It’s becoming apparent of late that ‘I’m an authority’ means that people can be spoken down to or we see passive aggressive updates flying up on social media statuses. This isn’t all coaches, this is some and leaders within the MLM industry and quite frankly it needs to STOP!

Do this

Do that

Be this

Be that

You’re being irresponsible if you don’t

You’ll get nowhere

You’ll fail

Closely followed by…

And therefore, you should get guidance from me.

Coaching isn’t for everyone, just because you did well in something doesn’t always mean you should adopt the title Coach especially if you haven’t got the right approach. I did well in History at school but I’m making no claims to be a Time Lord.

I’ve been in training and mentoring on and off for 20 years and I’m noticing a lack in basic approach for people to try and gain influence and authority. Instead, it’s very straight for the jugular which almost feels like an attempt to scaremonger people into signing up.

If you claim to be able to boost people’s businesses in any way for people in network marketing, it really concerns me that they are either being taught a passive-aggressive approach, or they are being taught by people not walking the walk themselves.

If a social media platform status is where you choose to showcase your skills and authority, then that’s great but one of the key skills you should be teaching yourself is how to write a status that speaks to someone and makes them feel that it is directed at them. This is done by focusing on pain points. If you aren’t doing it yourself then your either not teaching it or not walking the walk.

We serve, we serve because we want to see people succeed. Service doesn’t come in the form of passive aggressive updates or shouty lives.

You can’t get the pain points without the research. You can’t fix the pain points without the research. These updates have me questioning if researching a niche has even been done.

Without focus, without pain points the targets all wrong. You may get reactions and comments but there is nothing there for them to connect to for them to take the next step. If this is something that’s not being taught… how is success supposed to be duplicated?

I do courses, I research, I have an ability that enables me to look at things from different angles where I see flaws, strengths and hidden potential in situations and people. I appreciate that it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone although over time it can be learnt.

At least cover the basics…

Research (is there a problem to fix)

Pain Point (Yes, I know you have a problem with this)

Tell them Why (This is why it’s happening)

Advise them on What they can do (here’s a basic change that will help you trust me, and we’ll build a relationship)

How to change it efficiently (if that basic change has helped you let me blow your mind as one of my clients and let’s change your life)

Create a service, show them why you are an authority.

Be an authority, don’t be an ass.

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