Prospecting network marketing messages voted more annoying than unsolicited dick pics in a recent survey.

It doesn’t even matter if you know the person and you’ve had conversations with them whether that was small talk or in-depth conversations.

Melanie Blackheart, an administrator from Wiltshire has been plagued by messages from wellbeing reps who have wanted to ‘connect’ with her after ‘meeting’ in a social media weight loss group. We interviewed Melanie.

I must be fair here, I have a lot of people speak to me about this problem and its not just reps in their inboxes, they have coaches sending personal messages as well from their own profiles offering courses.

I build my entire business on not having to message anyone about anything I offer from my personal inbox and nor do I offer courses or ask for anything via my chat bot.

It’s clear what I do on my business page and I build my audience off valuable, useful content that they can take away and implement into their business.

This hum drum about getting in an inbox to build relationships annoys me. Sure, I build friendships in messenger, I’m an introvert so online communication suits me down to the ground.

(Seriously don’t ask me on a night out, I love staying in with my work, a book or blogs to read. Plus, I wear pyjamas from about 6pm and I’ll just look like your weird friend you must look after.)

But I’m in it to purely make friends and get to know people, I will never pitch anything in an inbox unless I’m recommending someone else, and I’m not appreciative of people suddenly pitching me after a few weeks of conversation in fact, I immediately lose trust in them.

“Did you just talk to me to pitch me?”

So, sure I’ll chat in messenger and why not? I’ve met some hilarious, amazing friends doing so.

Instead of pitching anything, I use my experience, background and passion to build my audience, I engage with them and they make the choice over time to decide if they want to work with me or become part of my online community.

My page gets new likes every week, my posts get more shares and engagement every week and my online community gets new members introduced to it every week. That’s where I build my trust and relationships because to be liking my page immediately tells me we have something in common and I like that as a starting point, and we build from there. No one ever has a target on their back while I sit there with pound signs in my eyeballs.

Do you know why that works and has worked for people marketing anything for the last few years?

A page rather than a profile is where people choose to like it because you can clearly see what this person is about. They won’t ‘like’ it if it or I don’t align with them. So, to like is to register interest and that is what is called a prequalified lead in the eyes of business.

I love talking about business, marketing, confidence building and Dwayne Johnson. I also thrive on researching and working in the background to bring people new thought processes to take on. These get shared because they are different.

They then go away using my free basic tips available on my page and they find that somehow, it’s helped them. They continue to see my page, engage with it and even share it with others. So, when I talk about my free private online community that goes into more detail on the things that they see in my public page they want in.

My pre-qualified lead is super qualified, they like what they get.

Here they get more value and more results and if I have a course on offer, I’ve built up everything enough to make them feel like I am worth the money and may consider buying. If they want to sit and take in the free content still that’s fine, at least they are still getting something from what I do.

Not one inbox message plugging a damn thing. It’s not necessary and it’s coming to a point where it’s not even a welcomed thing in anybody’s book. To do so can destroy any relationship you’ve built within the click of a send button.

You must work at your page. I put in 4 months of next to no engagement while I built my reputation and audience. This will test your need for success.

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