Because they can show them how to get something for nothing!

Jade Creely, a mum of three from Kent campaigned hard this weekend with some well thought out choices of posts that she can steal from other profiles.

“Can you believe that ‘Birdbox’ was watched by over 45 million people in a week and Netflix didn’t pay one penny to advertise it! That’s the power of social media. I had to let everyone know!”

Business owners globally have made ‘Birdbox’ the poster child for supporting friends in MLM for free.

Netflix Marketing department released this statement, simply saying…


More as we get it….

Netflix did not get all its advertising / marketing for free via people talking about it on social media.

They spent $2 BILLION in 2018 on marketing.

They have competition from several streaming sites and would still feel the need to compete and improve its service.

The reason they get likes, shares, comments and become a foundation of conversation is because the people doing the actions are interested in the subject.

You should never expect or request that people stop scrolling by and take some sort of action with your posts when your content is not eye catching, interesting or a conversation starter.

If you want these actions, you need to step up your content to MAKE your audience WANT to do the things that you need.

Unfortunately, too many people in MLM are encouraged to use their profiles and not target their posts. Instead they are encouraged to follow the DMO’s of certain posts each day showing products, opportunities, selfies and random results that they are told to consider as valuable content and ‘stories.

Content is about useful information that can be shared because people know other people that would be interested in it or could even share their experience of it.

In the case of Birdbox the content was an advert that showed the movie trailer. The trailer appealed to a specific fan base for genre and fans of the cast members.

They’ll share it because if they found it interesting, they believe others would too.

If you want your posts (content) to catch eyes and get some likes, shares etc here’s a few tips.

1. Don’t share the same picture as someone else. If you feel like you should you must leave it at least two hours beforehand but check out the interaction the previous person is getting and see if it’s even worth sharing.

2. Know WHO you are posting for and ask yourself what they would learn, take away as value or feel the need to tag others and share your post.

3. Get off your profile and build a community of people who show an interest in your content. Social media will only take you so far now due to its limitations.

4. In health? Make articles about healthy breakfast options but don’t just talk about your product.

5. In Beauty? Do a video full of make-up hacks.

It doesn’t have to be the same all the time. It’s not eye catching.

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Come and join our community and blow your own mind! So many of our members feel that they have a lot more creativity in them since learning the basics of digital marketing, influencer marketing, target marketing and branding.

Grab your balls and rip up those god awful DMO’s!

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