Meet Romina!

Rominas’ Story:

“I’m literally bursting with excitement with how Legends and my personal Mentor Dannii Maley are making me understand Business from a marketing perspective.

Now I can take myself off social media and uses my strengths to create a business that’s all mine.

Something that will help network marketers discover who they are and how to express that on their social media and in time away as well.

Showing them how to be individual and not SPAMMY. How to not look generic and like a programmed robot but to show that they are knowledgeable, and they can express it.

I am still in the MLM industry as well, but I can use this to help people the right way.

This is going to help me create a secondary income but eventually I aim to make this my main career and income.

There aren’t many people that do what I do so I am in a good position and cause these guys believed in me I can make the magic happen.

Dream legend leaders & the ethics on how to be honest and run a business honestly are fabulous. Be authentic. Be you & no fake it till you make it.”

Romina joined the world of Network Marketing in August 2017. She was one of those sign ups with no supportive upline, no groups and was left to learn it all herself.

In December of the same year after she took it upon herself to get hold of as much webinar content and free advice training as she could in order to learn as much as she could herself as it wasn’t clear to her what was available to her. Unfortunately, Romina just found herself listening to advice that just felt ‘old school’ or made her feel uncomfortable with doing. She was stuck in the world of #workfromhome #askmehow!

If you know Romina you don’t need me to tell you what a fabulous lady she is with a heart of gold, an amazing sense of humour (well… she laughs at my jokes!) but she is also a naturally great networker.

But she also has a special skill which a few of us have encouraged her to look into making a business from as well as do MLM.

Romina is an excellent creative content designer; her posts stand out in newsfeeds and have a unique twist to them. She has a passion for branding and making sure people understand that you need to really think about who you are as a brand and to be the very best you can possibly be.

She came to Legends to not only work on her marketing with her MLM but also to learn how to set up her own company as a Branding Expert.

This helps her spend less time attached to her phone yet still increase her engagement and income.

Not only does she officially launch this month, but she is an also one of our on-hand experts supporting our community of business owners helping them to stand out and be the go-to person in their chosen niche.

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