Emma’s story:

“I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I was never one for following rules and I detested the humdrum life of working 9-5. Back in 2016 I was shown a business opportunity, one that promised to change “my life” all I needed was “Wi-Fi and a dream” fast forward to now and I laugh.

Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for the mlm opportunities that came my way and here is why….

In my last opportunity I had the pleasure of meeting someone who had a clear vision on what wasn’t working within the mlm industry, this person went on to create an academy to help pave the way to a mlm world of authenticity, to stand out from the crowd and abolish spammy pammys! This academy given me the belief in myself and the knowledge I needed to start my very own ecommerce company and soon a bricks and mortar shop.

Dream Legend Leaders doesn’t give you generic trainings or false hopes and promises. It gives you strength, belief and knowledge that isn’t given to you within any mlm, that I can guarantee!

Dream legend leaders builds leaders in their field, may that be mlm, bricks and mortar, ecommerce! Whatever you’re doing dream legends can give you the tools to be that expert, the go to person! Who doesn’t want that? I did, and I’ll be forever grateful for being part of the legends!”

Emma and I struck up a great friendship straight away. I could see she felt stuck where she was and had the willingness to learn and be a success as her own boss.

Emma has taken her skills and put them into something that she has a lot of excitement and passion for and it shows in her social media page. Since concentrating building her expertise her sales have been the best they have ever been since starting self employment, and her business page is filling up with organically reached people who have liked it because they have a genuine interest in what she posts about which is fantastic. This lady really knows her stuff when it comes to sourcing organic products to keep your body happy.

Emma, I’m so proud of you and everything you have accomplished so far and can’t wait to celebrate the future too!

You can follow Emma’s pages by clicking on the names

Organically U

Simple Souls

Or go straight to the website https://www.organicallyuonline.co.uk/

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