This is a common misunderstanding in MLM when people hear that they need to be consistent.

Being consistent is about doing the work every day that will lead to you to inspiring your audience to take notice of what you do. This isn’t just things that you post on social media and hope that the right person sees it. This is about writing informative blogs, newsletters, researching and finding out what your audience wants to see.

Filling your audience’s newsfeed with posts every 1-2 hours of lipsticks samples, before and after pictures, videos of shakes being made, close ups of eyeballs and eyelashes and then the fabulously boring recruitment posts is called frequently posting but also widely known as spam and it makes people want to scroll on by now. They’ve seen it ALL before.

I get it, I know you want the money, I know you need the sales and to go big you must have the team but, what happens probably without you realising is desperation posts.

I know you probably promised your partner and kids financial freedom and you want it to happen as soon as possible for a variety of reasons.

I know you’re probably feeling like you must prove to people that you aren’t involved in a pyramid scheme or brainwashed.

I know that maybe your friends have become a little distant since you started posting about your products and opportunity… there’s a chance they’ve unfollowed you on social media.

Sometimes people are introduced to the industry by people who made it in 3 months. They’ll have done it by posting frequently (but calling it consistency) using boring spam methods way before this method became overused and saturated, it makes you think if you follow their lead you’ll make it but there’s two problems with that.

1. You haven’t really taken in the whole story of that person or they haven’t shared the whole story.

2. People often mentoring in MLM tell you that you run your own business then teach you how to turn off a massive majority of potential audience.

Be consistent with educating, inspiring and influencing your audience with value and content that they WILL stop the scroll to take the time to read, comment and share. And… take it all off your damn profile! Please take it off your profile and let people see you again.

The more you post, the slower your business.

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