Have you written another sales post and, again received no interaction? Everyone’s ignoring you and that dream car or Disneyland trip is slipping away.

Yep, I know. You’ve even sat there thinking “What’s the point?” as another month comes to a close. A quick look at your bank account sends you spiralling into a negative space.

You aren’t alone. Many people out there are making the same mistakes as you. I was one of them. Was, not any more. Here’s what changed.

I sold more by selling less!


Confused? Let me explain.

Instead of telling the audience what I had to offer all the time, I showed them how passionate I was about my service. I gave people my story, tips, cheat sheets, downloads and showed them what I know.

Boom! Comments, likes, shares started happening. New people liking or following me. I grew a subscription list because people wanted more.

Imagine that. You open notifications from people thanking you for sharing something. You see they’ve tagged a friend. People don’t tag people unless there is a genuine interest for them. That’s a possible ideal client, hand delivered to your doorstep!

So, how do you sell from that?


Everything you create leads to the sale. All the content you put out has a subtle push towards trusting you without being in their faces. So, when you have something that’s even more valuable to them available, they’ll feel a need to have a gander. You may even find that they tell friends that you have this amazing offer.

And, if our trusted friend or associate says you’re worth buying from you need to shut up and take my money!

There have been times where I’ve not mentioned a product. This is the gold, this is where you know you’re getting it right. Close your eyes right now and visualise getting messages like this

“Hey, I’m wondering what exactly it is you do. Is there a chance I could buy from you / do you do 121 coaching?”

OH EMMM GEEE! Trust me, it feels marvellous.

To get to the nitty gritty, if you want to sell more then you need to respect your audience. Respect their time, their reasons to come online and respect that they need to trust you first.

They come online in their downtime to catch up with friends and family. Not to bombarded with your products or service. So if you are creating a post to go out there, consider what they want to see. If they aren’t buying, they aren’t there yet and you have some work to do.


Chew on this:

The only thing between the sale and the brand new Audi or the Disneyland vacation is trust.

That’s it.


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