24-year-old Health and Wellness Ambassador, Emma Bridges from Dorset is currently undergoing treatment for third degree burns due to an MLM recruitment post.

When questioned in the A&E waiting room by our reporter Emma describes this as the most empowering moment of her life.

“I couldn’t believe it! I had two comments on my post and I inboxed them both RIGHT away with the copy and paste information I was given when I started. They both wanted to be put in our opportunity group right away and it was crazy! My phone just blew up in my hand, my upline warned me this would happen!”

Dave, Emma’s partner of three years said “I don’t know how to tell her it was a faulty charger that caught fire and nothing to do with the power of her opportunity. She just refused to let go of the phone until she had updated her Facebook status about her inbox.”

When our researchers investigated the post David was referring to, no one had liked or commented on there since it hit the newsfeeds. We suspect this is due to massive algorithm changes. We also felt Emma’s frustration that her phone was so badly damaged that she was unable to check in the hospital for people to ask if she’s ok, but Dave was kind enough to do a quick ‘lifestyle’ selfie and tagged her in it.

All joking aside there’s things to cover here.

No one will ever believe the hype of an on-fire inbox. Its public knowledge that this is a tactic (a very old one) used by inexperienced networkers in the hope of interest coming their way.

Trust me when I tell you that when that comes up in your memories every year you’ll cringe, I did it and I most certainly hang my head in shame.

We never see Amazon on Twitter trying to make eBay jealous. “Prime is selling rubber bands like crazy y’all!”

This is not an attraction marketing technique. Attraction Marketing is nothing more than a buzzword only really used by one industry.

If you want people to look at what you’re doing with genuine interest I’m going to let you in on a marketing 101 lesson right now.

They (your audience) don’t care about you.

They don’t care about

Your inbox

Your sales posts

Your recruitment posts.

They only care about them.

They don’t want to hear about how great things are for you and they do not need a copy and paste message.

They just want to know what’s in it for them. EVERY TIME.

They’ve wandered into your space because you’ve caught their attention in some way. Now you need to keep them interested. You need to talk to them, what caught their eye? What problem do they need fixing that you seem to have the answer for?

Yes, it may take longer but the genuine interest has a much more personal touch.

It’s a bit like phoning the bank, wondering if you’re going to be lost in their automated system forever. How relieved do you feel once you manage to get through to a human?

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