Do you ever sit wondering if you have what it takes to run a business? There’s a want and a desire but there’s also the feeling of gurus everywhere telling you to try things that just make you churn out what others are throwing on social media and you want to make sure you stand out instead. The best thing to do is strip it all back and look at the very foundations that successful businesses are built on. This course helps you understand the 5 key characteristics that you need and gets you looking at what you are doing on within your marketing to see why you aren’t creating the impact you’ve longed for.

    • The 5 Key characteristics
    • Workbook – look closely at how you sell and sponsor online
    • Getting your business on social media to be a magnet for likes and follows
    • The process of turning new followers into friends and friends into buyers
    • The one thing that you aren’t doing that builds teams.

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Key Characteristics