“Think Outside the Box”

This is one of those statements I see plonked on a status and considered valuable advice. I say plonked because even though it’s true, you do need to think outside the box to get ahead in self-employment, it’s not a natural skill and ability for a lot of people and the phrase itself is becoming overused by people with a minimum understanding of it.

You see, if they had said skill then they would know that the potential comes from a certain creative part of the brain being used that isn’t always active in some people. For example, some people are just more logical. It can be worked on though, it can be learnt.

Thinking outside the box is about forward thinking, being innovative, being creative and looking at many different angles of a subject to find its strengths, flaws and how you can do the same but better.

For example, when I decided to go back into coaching, this time as self-employed, I had to check out what others were doing that focussed on the same industry that I mainly wanted to work within. I even checked in on their training, but it all helped me work out where the big stinking gap was that needed to be filled and has helped me flip things for people in MLM. It’s more of a service for growth and expansion than coaching. I was seeing attraction marketing still being taught (which died back in 2017) and not influence, which is something I’ve been researching and studying for a few years. I understand how business must change with collaborations, sharing and expertise building.

It’s about seeing things in a unique way and not following someone else’s blueprint. Tweaking and seeing how you can make it better.

So, I’ve put together 4 tips to help you start breaking through the creative side of your brain, so you can be a pacesetter in MLM.

1. Read/watch/ follow another public figure outside of MLM

Rather than reading or listening to a ton of network marketing material pick something made by another entrepreneur outside of the industry. You may find something that you can link to what you want to achieve.

2. Challenge your creative side.

Write a poem relating to your problem or struggles within your business. It’s not about finding the fix, it’s about finding the creativity. And despite what some may say, to build a business you don’t need to share everything (if anything at all) on your profile page so this poem can remain your little secret.

3. Be foolish!

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a fabulous way to start thinking outside of the box, it boosts the survival instinct.

4. Get in the shower.

Let’s be honest we have the best imaginary conversations and argument wins when we’re taking a shower. No one seems to know why! Maybe it’s because it’s the alone time or the fact that we feel exposed. But something happens in a shower that opens the creative side of the brain.

Try these things and see what you come up with. I’d love to know!

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