Rachel Botham, 30 from Swindon proudly Instagrammed a selfie claiming that she was part of the massive Facebook Platform meltdown this morning.

“Maaaaaate! I can’t believe this happened, just goes to show consistency pays off init! All I did was check out what other people had done and changed some emojis, started saying morning on posts and replying morning on mine and BOOOOM everything just crashed!”

We contacted Facebook and a statement was released.

“We did have some server issues in the UK at 8:20 am GMT. Mr Zuckerberg’s mom unfortunately unplugged the servers to do some vacuuming in the staff room. We have rectified the issue and labelled the power cables accordingly to prevent any future issues. We’d like to thank our British users for their early morning platform use but this was just a small technical difficulty caused at our end.”

We asked Rachel what her favourite post was this morning. “Something about strength… I dunno, there was a lion in the picture though which is, like, super powerful init?”

Unfortunately, this exercise is just a way to make sure your posts appear on other people’s newsfeeds, so no one really pays attention to the words. Its all about the race to get as many comments and emojis in as possible.

You are often told that people buy from people they know, like and trust. That’s very true but I stopped with the morning posts a while back because I started to feel a part of some DMO points system, or to put it another way I felt like I was just part of a routine to make sure you can try and grab my attention at a later point of the day so I can have a product, opportunity or some other #bossbabe quote put in my face. Seen one you’ve seen them all.

I’ve always said you need to be meaningful, if you post a quote

1. Make it yourself on wordswag, canva or other apps.

2. Tell people why it stood out to you.

Main reason for this is copyright of images so design your own, if people want to circulate one… might as well be yours if they aren’t going to take the 3 minutes of time it takes to make an image, right? And secondly give people some insight about who you are. You don’t have to pour your heart out, you just need to show yourself. It makes you stand out and be so much more interesting to the people you seem to want to engage with.

Never accept just a “Morning” either, ask something about what you put and make them notice. If they ignore you, delete and don’t let them use you. These are people that are just out for themselves and have no real interest in what you do. Just make sure if you really are going to do the rounds take notice of what they have put as well and say something about it. Bring up an experience you’ve had and build a connection that way.

It’s a misconception to assume that you use a social media platform for the know, like and trust factor. This cannot be built via the posts that go out apart from a tiny percentage (and I do mean tiny) of people seem to be able to pull it off. Unfortunately, the network marketing industry has become a recycle centre of human beings and not many fresh faces coming in. Its just people moving from one company to another but repeating the same process.

Know, like and trust comes from proving you know what you’re talking about.

If you want to recruit rather than a post about your 700 ways to get paid, best comp plan with best products and your convention holiday in Florida, try sharing how a solid business can be built. Stand out as the real expert in what you are doing. If you’re doing your personal development every day you should have at least ONE golden nugget to share with people. That’s a very basic way of doing it but you can build up some serious relationships with people if you take the time and not the shortcuts of mornings and following DMOs full of cringey scripts (if it feels awful doing it, trust me it feels worse receiving it!)

You won’t break the internet if you’re in the ‘morning’ race, flying in and out of profiles just to make sure you’re being seen. Put something up there that will be meaningful and, if you must via the comments force people to read it by asking them what they think. I don’t even touch my newsfeed in the mornings anymore because I’m just faced with 20 minutes of scrolling through what feels like the same things but by different faces.

Know like and trust is also attract, interest and action.

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