The Legends Business Development Academy is now open for our clients ready to take on 2019 marketing tips and support from my team.

Building a business doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how to make it easy!

Our legends academy is an academy built specifically for people who are in direct sales and is engineered in a specific way to help them improve their business and have a positive impact on their life.

It’s when people come to me and say they are told to be unique and different but don’t know where to start that I find my brain buzzing with ideas for them to stand out in what feels like a saturated industry.

After seeing my fair share of DMO’s (Daily Method of Operations) that have been made within various companies it occurred to me that Direct Sellers are having zero marketing skills, sales skills or building skills passed down to them. Just old methods.

Like… OLD! So, the Academy was built off the back of my private coaching business and 20 years’ experience to help people in MLM.

Whether it’s a product, service or an opportunity you are selling, if you understand that you must get to grips with some basic psychology and walk through the steps the potential customer needs you to then over time, you’ll have an exceptional business.

In the Academy you will learn:

  • Basic business building knowledge that is vital yet totally looked over by the MLM industry and its gurus.
  • The difference between branding and marketing.
  • Marketing methods that work, why they work vs methods that don’t.
  • The value of customer service and how it helps you outshine your competition. Plus, ideas to get you started.
  • Why 100 comments mean nothing!
  • Why building with a business page has you winning.
  • How to build a business individual to you.
  • How to become the knowledgeable, trusted friend that potential clients want.
  • How to make an income by ripping up the rule book and posting smarter.
  • Entrepreneurial skills 101
  • Time Management.
  • Awesome ways to get your message across without ever feeling spammy or worried about lack of interaction.

And so much more! I work alongside other experts in their field to get you access to their mindset and life coaching, funnel building, customer service and branding. These people are ready to help you build a path to a business that you never thought possible. You’ll also get:

  • Monthly coaching zooms.
  • Content checks before you post.
  • Idea dumps to help you set up things that others aren’t doing so you can set the new levels people have to beat!
  • An accredited course of your choice with 50% of the costs covered because your clients want to be in expert hands!

Membership is £10 a month and our first members get a secret special deal when they sign up that won’t be offered to anyone else in later enrolments.